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How to Clean Iron Balusters

The twists and turns of Wrought Iron Balusters make them appealing for home decor. But these beautiful grooves and spirals can be dust traps. Here’s how to keep your wrought iron balusters looking as beautiful as the day you bought them:

Dusting Wrought Iron

Inevitably, you’ll get some dust build up on your iron balusters. Keep them looking fresh with quick, periodic cleanings.

How To Clean Wrought Iron Balusters and Railing

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of your wrought iron balusters – no cleaning sprays necessary! Use the cloth to get into the intricate details and the microfibers will cling on to the dust as you go. If you have a large section of iron railing, notice if your rag gets too full of dust. You might need to switch to a new microfiber cloth or wash it before continuing. 

Some prefer to use a feather duster on wrought iron balusters. This method is fairly effective, but we prefer the microfiber cloth because it collects all of the dust, instead of sending it onto the floor and into the air. Even if you vacuum right away, dust will find its way back to your balusters more quickly.

Avoid harsh furniture polish sprays or cleaning products. These can leave behind a chemical residue that can actually attract more dust and the damage metal over time. Instead, try these methods for deep-cleaning...

Deep-Cleaning Wrought Iron

For those times that you really want to restore the shine and freshness to your iron balusters, we recommend using a diluted vinegar solution.

Clean wrought iron balusters and railing

Fill a small bucket or spray bottle with 2 parts warm filtered water and 1 part distilled white vinegar. Mix well. Soak a cleaning rag in the solution by either dunking it into your bucket or spraying directly onto the rag until saturated. Wring out the excess so that your rag is moist, not dripping.


Gently wipe down your wrought iron railing. Re-wet your cleaning cloth with the solution as needed.

When you’re finished wiping it down, use a clean, dry towel to remove any moisture. We recommend drying each baluster immediately after cleaning, working your way across the railing one baluster at a time.


Time for a Fresh Start?

If your iron balusters are old and don’t shine like they did in their glory days, it may be time to start fresh. Replacing balusters is straightforward and can really rejuvenate your stairway. By keeping up with these simple maintenance techniques, your new wrought iron balusters will remain beautiful for years to come.