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What is Powder Coat? How it Works and Why You Need It

Even if you’ve never heard of powder coat, you’ve probably seen it before. You may have assumed products like bicycles, cars, railings, furniture, and more are just painted with a special, thick paint.


But don’t be fooled – powder coat is very different than paint. Powder coat, like it sounds, is actually made of a fine, powdery dust. Through a special process, the powder covers metal products to create a layer even more durable than paint, improving corrosion resistance and providing a long-lasting, beautiful finish.


viewerail black powder coated posts and railing on deck


Getting a great powder coat finish is hard work and labor intensive. Care must be given to every detail to achieve a perfect result. When manufacturing our Viewrail products, we know that it’s essential for your posts and railing to resist corrosion and stay looking beautiful for years. That’s why we’ve refined the process to achieve the most professional results in the industry.   


Overview of the Viewrail Powder Coating Process

There are three stages in our powder coating process: preparing the metal, applying the powder coat, and baking to form a strong seal. While all steps are important, we’ve found that a flawless finish depends on the careful execution of preparing and cleaning.
Viewrail powder coat color options


Viewrail posts, handrails, and other powder coated parts are prepped in a machine called a Wheelabrator, which is much like a sand blaster – but more powerful. This process etches away imperfections and smooths out sharp corners. It also creates a rough surface that’s perfect for the powder coat to attach to, which is crucial for the perfect finish.


Next, we wash the parts in a hot water bath and spray them to remove any remaining contaminants. We then use a chemical primer, which further improves the adherence of the powder coating. After that, it’s into the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees to remove all moisture.


The thorough preparation process is complete, and each handrail, post, and accessory is examined to ensure it’s been prepared perfectly. All parts are then hung on an electrically grounded rack, staged and ready for the next step.


To start the application process, we spray powder coat using an electrostatic gun that gives the powder a positive charge as it leaves the nozzle. These positive particles are attracted to the negatively charged metal on the grounded rack, and collide with the rough surface of the metal. They stick and form an uncured layer of powder coating that has not yet permanently adhered to the surface.


Finally, we place the parts back in the quick-heating oven for another 15 to 25 minutes – depending on the size of the piece, the material it’s made of, and type of powder coating used to coat it – to cure the powder coating to form the long-lasting finish. The parts are then left to cool. Before long, they’re ready to be packed, shipped, and used on your Viewrail project!


Why You Might NEED Powder Coating

There are several perks to using powder coated posts for your Viewrail project. Functionally, it helps protect posts from the elements. This means more time enjoying your view and less time maintaining your posts. Especially for aluminum posts and railing, which are more susceptible to corrosion, powder coat helps keep your system looking beautiful for longer.

Why You Might WANT Powder Coatingviewrail white powder coat interior stairs

Besides powder coating’s functional benefits, it also looks beautiful. It provides a clean finish that is consistent in texture and color, taking the professional construction of Viewrail posts and handrails to the next level of smooth, simple elegance.


Powder coat also provides additional design options. Choose from over 15 different shades to coordinate with your home decor. Our most popular powder coat color is Black, but many of our customers also love Apollo White, Copper Vein, and Charcoal. We suggest that you order a sample of the finishes you’re interested in so you can compare it with the other aspects of your home design.


Our team takes the time to do powder coating the right way. As detailed above, we have refined the process for powder coating on our railing systems, producing the highest quality finish in the industry. We are proud to provide a beautiful and strong product – we can’t wait to see how you’ll use it to transform your space!

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