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Choose the Best Finish for Your Cable Railing Posts

When it comes to your cable railing system, there’s no component more important than posts. Posts hold up the handrail and keep the cables in place. And a properly finished post is an accent to your system -- an elegant focal point for your eyes.


Because posts are the backbone to any strong cable railing system, it’s important to choose a finish that will protect and preserve their natural beauty. Check out the video below to hear from Len about what each of our finishes can do for your system. 




Post Finishes and Their Performance 

Available in stainless steel and aluminum, our posts can also be powder coated in a variety of striking finishes. Browse our website to see all of the colors that are available. We also offer a brushed finish on stainless steel.


There are two grades of powder coating available: standard powder coating is good for non-coastal projects, while our coastal grade Fluoropolymer coating holds up to intense sunlight and saltwater exposure. Our stainless steel posts are available in 304 Stainless or 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, which also performs well in coastal environments. 


powder coat samples on metal posts 3 by 3


What Can Posts Do for Your System?

A well-made post adds elegance to the configuration, while securing the handrail and cables. They keep your guests safe, but also provide clean, aesthetic lines to pull your gaze to the view beyond.


Whether your project is exposed to the elements or secured in the comfort of your home, you can rest assured knowing there’s a finish to preserve and protect the natural beauty of your posts. Taking care of your posts meets taking care of your system-- a simple and stunning solution to the wear and tear of everyday life.


Check out our Cable Railing Design Guide to find inspiration as you pick out the right finish for your railing system. If you have any questions about our products, give our team of experts a call - we’ll be happy to help you find the answers you need!


Let us help you with your project design. Visit our Design Center.