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Introducing Rods: Revolutionary Railing

A new era of railing has arrived. Introducing Rod Railing, stainless steel railing for the modern world. Inconspicuous and reliable, Rods are a corrosion resistant, low maintenance alternative to traditional cable railing. Look closely, and see the beauty of stainless steel Rods. Look beyond, and all you’ll see is your view.

Viewrail Rod Railing w/ Black Powder Coated Posts

Sleek, Reliable

Flexible enough to curve around a radius, but firm enough to provide a strong, sleek railing – Viewrail Rod Railing is both simple and durable. Each Rod has a 1/4" diameter and is made out of corrosion resistant 2205 stainless steel, the same material used to support the structure of the Statue of Liberty. Able to stand up to the wear and tear of corrosive ocean air, Rod railing provides safety without looking industrial or cold.


Strong and Adaptable

While other railing systems may deflect, sag, or bend, over time, Rod Railing will maintain its rigid shape long after installation. Rods require little to no maintenance. They will never need to be re-tightened and cleaning them is a breeze.


If your vision for your project includes a curve, Rods are your answer.  Rods can be ordered in any length from 4’ to 20’ in two foot increments, and can be bent to precise and consistent curves for your specific application. With Rods, you are no longer confined to straight line railing or predefined shapes.


Your Vision, Your Way

The possibilities are endless. Reliable and beautiful, Rods can be used for both residential and commercial applications. This modern railing is perfect for decks along the ocean, balconies overlooking a lake, grand entryways, spiral and curved staircases, and outdoor walkway or ramp railings.


What projects do you envision for Rods? Give us a call at 1-866-226-6536 to learn more and start a new Rod Railing design today! We can’t wait to see your project come to life.